Our role here at RK Enterprise is to act as an intermediary, passing valuable items from one party to another. We do that via an organic mix of purchasing, wholesaling, auctioning, buying, selling and pawnshop services, enabling us to offer our customers a whole range of specific benefits to suit their needs.

Retail (Rodeo Drive)

Buy items from Rodeo Drive
We operate a number of Rodeo Drive designer stores, selling everything from popular brands through to rare and collectible items. Our extensive network enables us to buy a wide range of top quality items, both new and secondhand. We provide valuable items at a fair price. We ensure that all secondhand items are checked for authenticity by an expert and thoroughly cleaned and polished. Our reliable quality control systems mean that our customers can always buy with confidence.

Buying (Rodeo Drive)

Sell items to Rodeo Drive
Our services at Rodeo Drive also include buying designer and other items. We are always trying to expand and diversify sales channels so that we can offer higher prices for the items that we buy. We run our own retail business, sell items to other traders at auction and also operate an overseas network, including our very own store in Hong Kong, where there is growing demand for designer goods. Purchase prices are determined by members of staff with an in-depth knowledge of current market prices. Their expertise ensures that we always offer a fair price.

Pawnshops (Kadoya)

Deposit items with Rodeo Drive
We run pawnshops that look after items for our customers and provide them with financing in return. Kadoya has been providing pawnshop services continually for almost 60 years, dating back before the days of RK Enterprise.
We have always placed top priority on relationships with local customers, ever since the company was first established. Based on our motto as “a friendly financial institution for everyone”, we make sure that our stores are always open to inquiries, covering everything from emergency financing to the value of gold or platinum.


We organize RK Global Auctions in an effort to breathe new life into the pawnshop and recycling industries and facilitate the exchange of valuable items. Auction listings feature a wide range of top-end items bought in from all over the world, including designer goods, precious metals and clothing, and are attended by other traders in the Kanto region and countless customers from further afield. We also hold regular events such as Bag Day (15th of each month), Jewelry and Watch Day (16th), and RKG21 Day (21st).

Overseas services

Rodeo Drive Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui
As a company specializing in value exchange, globalization represents a golden opportunity for all of us here at RK Enterprise. Whereas our overseas network used to revolve around purchasing and wholesaling, a few years ago we began planning stores in China and Hong Kong, where there is growing demand for designer goods. In August 2011, we opened our first overseas store, Rodeo Drive Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui, as the first step towards further expanding our overseas services.